Tasting Craft Beer: A Step-by-step Procedure

Appreciating the drink in your hand is the proper way to consume the same and take the experience to a whole different level. Be it craft beer or any other type of beer, the procedure stands still and needs to be followed. As a result, we are here to tell you more about the process and how it should be materialized. By following these steps, the outcome that you receive will be beneficial, and you will make it a habit. Hence, without further ado, here are all the steps that are a part of the process.

1. Observation
Observation is a critical part of the process that many fail to acknowledge. It helps you capitalize on the experience as you a simple look moves ahead to paint the right picture. So please take a moment to observe the shade of the beer and take note of the natural colour that it generates. Be it cloudy or clear, your beer will revolve around either of the two, and you will have to come to terms with the same.

2. The Aspect of Agitation
Swirling your beer around in the glass is the first process that helps you agitate it and stir up some foam. So stick your nose close to the beer and proceed to take a deep whiff. In this manner, you will be able to capture the aroma, which further enhances the experience, provided the beer is of superior quality. Apart from that, one should also know that smell plays a huge role in what we perceive as taste. Hence while smelling it, make sure that you get hold of the flavour.

3. A Sip for Taste
A simple sip is all that you need to perform in the beginning in order to capture the taste in the right manner. This process is also called retro-olfaction and is similar to smelling and tasting. Apart from taking a sip, you also need to let in some air through your mouth in a manner that is similar to slurping. When the air gets mixed with your beer, it will agitate things further and ensure that the flavour lies in the most potent form

4. Switch and Swallow
Moving the beer around your mouth is another step that lets you further in on the taste. But at this particular moment, you might find it to be thin and watery as various tastes tend to blend at this point. So when multiple sensations merge, the entire experience will be worth remembering. Soon after following this step for the first time, up next, you need to swallow it entirely. Since beer is a drink that is meant to be gulped down, you should make no changes to the same.

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